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Timber Wilds is going through a bit of a makeover courtesy of Birdy, one of the lead admins.

Things are looking great so far!  Seems we’re upgrading a lot of decorations from sculpts to mesh to help cut the affect on the sim’s load times and such.

Even with my crappy internet I can already feel the difference in how the sim’s running.  Huzzah!


Timber Wilds Industries’ 2.0 mesh Timber Wolf av launched yesterday!  I finally grabbed mine today!

Fully customizable expressions, animations, and colors via an extremely simple-to-use HUD.  No two wolves I’ve seen so far have been alike!  And to top if off, you can further customize your wolf by making custom textures online!  How cool is that?!  My fella just uses the HUD for now, but I’ll give textures a go tomorrow!

I’d go into more detail but this is an av that needs to be seen to be believed.  The animations are jaw-droppingly smooth.

3kL normally, 2kL for folks with the original prim av, and worth every single penny.

I can’t wait to see what Rand does next!

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The adventures of Zale, my recently redesigned Utahraptor character!

I went sim-hopping to find a good-looking jungle-y beach and took a bunch of photos along the way.  Captions included!

Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, guys.  My internet connection has been awful recently so I haven’t been able to get online as much.  Hoping to fix that this week.  Wish me luck!

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Some quick snaps of my Breeder’s Choice shire/draft horse av, Bertolt.

Poofiest horse this side of anything!  Don’t let the fluff fool you, though, he’s huge and those hooves can mean business if they need to!

Took this in Gulf of Lune, forever a favorite sim of mine!  Reminds me of the Everglades here in Florida.  <3

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A few of us Avarians heard whispers that the grand prizes miiiiiight be put out this evening, so we’re hanging out for a while to see if it holds any truth.

Harpy totem poles and drakelet collections abound!

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The kobold airship has docked in Avaria!  And with it, a whole host of goodies for those who spent time this week to collected all the required elemental vessels.

If you’ve been participating in this year’s hunt, now is the time to head down and redeem your vessels for tokens, and your tokens for prizes!

Hold on to the Pristine vessels you get in each elemental box…You’ll need those for the grand prizes when they get set up~

Vin’s sporting the elemental amulet of fire from one of the prize boxes.  I think it suits him pretty well!

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Me and my pal Rishalou lazing around and gossiping about what the GC hunt prizes could be this year.
I&#8217;m hearing whispers between the trees and streams, telling everyone to go the extra mile and collect two full sets of vessels.
I wonder why?

Me and my pal Rishalou lazing around and gossiping about what the GC hunt prizes could be this year.

I’m hearing whispers between the trees and streams, telling everyone to go the extra mile and collect two full sets of vessels.

I wonder why?

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I know I said I would cover every day of the hunt, but…Life got in the way, sorry!  If you need help in-world, you can just drop me a line and I’ll give you a nice lil cryptic hint~

Today’s hunt was really difficult.  Vin had to trudge through mud and rivers, and then spent the better half of an hour scouring the desert when he…Didn’t need to be.

Needless to say, he’s taking advantage of a well-earned rest and drying his feathers while everyone else scrambles to find today’s Earth vessels.

The airship still hasn’t docked…Guess those headwinds are causing a lot of problems.  It’ll arrive soon though, hopefully.  Fingers crossed nothing happened to it, huh?

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Today marked the beginning of Grendel’s Children’s 7th Anniversary Hunt!

Your journey begins in the Cartographer’s Office, near the Tutorial section below the main store.  You read the notes within the book on the desk, and learn that there are special items scattered around Avaria to collect.  Bottles of some sort, made by the Kobolds.  

The notes tell you to find the book’s twin in the library to continue your journey…

After a great deal of searching, you find the other flame-marked tome.  A passage opens, and you find yourself before a familiar—but still awe-inspiring—sight.  Shansu, the silent, sleeping guarding of Avaria’s riches, has returned to her hoard beneath the store!  It looks like she’s brought some peculiar eggs with her this time.  There’s so many…Surely she wouldn’t mind you taking just one?

After quickly and quietly, ah, borrowing, an egg, you make your way down to the redwood forests far below the store and journey over to the small Kobold Village.  The notes said something about the bottles being around here, right?  How many did you need again?  Six..?  

Better find them before the airships dock in a few days, so you can trade right away!  Who knows what those ships have to offer this year!

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The new Plains dragon species is officially out at Grendel’s, and I’m stunned by the blue coloration in this batch.  Though…Given my history, that’s not much of a surprise.  Blue is a great color, especially when complemented by tans and whites like these guys are!

Anyways, I thought I’d do another comparison for the heck of it…This time between 2009’s Plains dragon and its direct successor.

The ‘09 Plains species was really cool.  Very sleek and streamlined unlike the other, craggier species, so it stood out among them.  They were my favorite by far, especially the blue one, heh!  The newer ones are a little more robust and beefy-looking, but still have that cool, smooth head and those sleek, curving horns.

'09's dragons also had a great HUD, which is to be expected of pretty much all GC's animal avatars.  Lots and lots of smoothly-animated, natural actions, and the new dragons, of course, follow up on that!

If you picked up 2009’s dragons, then I highly recommend checking the new ones out.  They’re a huge improvement and even more fun to run around in.

500L nets you six fully-moddable different colors with six HUD-controlled breathweapons, so you really have no excuse not to grab a set!

And while you’re in Avaria…Keep an eye out.  I’ve heard whispers that the team is planning a wonderful celebration to commemorate their recently-passed 7th anniversary.  No real word on what it is or when it’s happening, but stay alert, ‘cause you never know what these guys have up their sleeves!  \o/